World Cup: Group C Results


Norway (#13) from Group A was added to the pool of teams advancing into the knockout stage, while South Korea became the second elimination. Nigeria remains on the bubble, and 9 teams continue to vie for one of the remaining 4 spots. Brazil and Australia (both playing today) each advance with a win or draw, while Argentina (playing tomorrow) needs a win to assure advancement. Everybody else just needs to do the best they can (or, in the case of Nigeria, wait) and hope for favorable results.

Group C

Italy was already guaranteed to advance, but they could fall as far as third in the group with a loss, whereas Brazil and Australia were tied on points and were both still looking to get into the knockout round, which either could do with a win or tie. Jamaica was still looking for its first ever World Cup goal, point, and win, and they needed to get all three to even stand a chance of advancing.

  • Brazil 1
  • Italy 0

Stade du Hainaut, Valenciennes: In what was, as expected, the more competitive game, Italy and Brazil played to a scoreless first half, which result would have advanced Brazil into the knockout stage and guaranteed Italy first place in the group. The second half looked to remain scoreless as well, until Marta became the highest scoring player in World Cup history (women or men), when she scored for Brazil in the 74th minute on a penalty kick given for a soft (shoulder-to-shoulder) foul in the box. Italy stepped up its attacks but the score remained unchanged. However, Italy still won the group on goal differential and Brazil dropped to third with the other game.

  • Australia 4
  • Jamaica 1

Stade des Alpes, Grenoble: Coming into the tournament, this should have been the most lopsided game in Group C, but with Australia being upset in its first round game, they found themselves down in third place and having to fight to qualify for the knockout stages; still, Jamaica is the lowest ranked team in the tournament, yet to score a goal in World Cup play. Before halftime, Sam Kerr scored of pair a nice header goals, the first in the 11th minute and the second in the 42nd minute, giving Australia a strong lead at halftime. Just into the second half, in the 49th minute, Havana Solaun scored the first ever World Cup goal for Jamaica. However, Kerr repeated her first half performance with two more goals, in the 69th and 83rd minutes, to advance Australia (fair 😉 ) into the knockout stage and eliminate Jamaica from the tournament.


  • 1st: Italy 6 (2-0-1, +5) [advances]
  •  2nd: Australia 6 (2-0-1, +3) [advances]
  •   3rd: Brazil 6 (2-0-1, +3) [advances]
  •    4th: Jamaica 0 (0-0-3, -11) [eliminated]

For the first time in Women’s World Cup history, a group ends with 3 teams tied at 6 points each. Italy takes first place based on goal differential, and Australia takes runner up over Brazil due to an 8-6 advantage on goals scored.

Italy plays either Nigeria (if they advance, along with third place of Group D) or China (most likely). Australia plays Norway in the later match on June 22, in Nice. Brazil plays either France (most likely) or Germany.

Jamaica becomes the third team eliminated from the World Cup, and Nigeria remains on the bubble, with only three more scenarios left to get through (now that the Group C scenario did not work in their favor), of which they need two to advance.

Group D plays its last group stage games tomorrow, with Argentina and Scotland fighting to avoid elimination.

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