NBA Basketball: Championship Results

Tonight, the National Basketball Association ended its 2018-2019 season with NBA Finals Game 6. The Finals were contested between the Toronto Raptors of the Eastern Conference (Atlantic Division) and the Golden State Warriors of the Western Conference (Pacific Division).

The Toronto Raptors opened the series with a 118-109 win at home in Game 1. Here are all of the earlier game results:

  • Game 1 in Toronto, Ontario: Toronto Raptors 118, Golden State Warriors 109. (Toronto leads series 1-0.)
  • Game 2 in Toronto: Golden State Warriors 109, Toronto Raptors 104. (Series tied, 1-1.)
  • Game 3 in Oakland, California: Toronto Raptors 123, Golden State Warriors 109. (Toronto leads series 2-1.)
  • Game 4 in Oakland: Toronto Raptors 105, Golden State Warriors 92. (Toronto leads series 3-1.)
  • Game 5 in Toronto: Golden State Warriors 106, Toronto Raptors 105. (Toronto leads series 3-2.)

The Raptors fell just 2 points shy of winning the series at home in Canada, but having failed to do so, the series returned to California for what turned out to be the decisive game.

Like the previous game, Game 6 was close at the end, and it was close throughout the entire game, neither team being able to get much of a lead. Toronto led by just a single point with 18.5 seconds left when they turned the ball over with an errant pass. Golden State missed a good 3-point attempt at 8.0 seconds left, fought for the rebound, and called a timeout with just 1.0 seconds left.

Unfortunately, the Warriors did not have another timeout, which resulted in a technical foul and loss of possession. The Raptors made the single technical free throw, and were fouled on the inbound attempt, successfully making two more free throws, rendering Golden State’s final 0.9 second possession moot. Final score:

Toronto Raptors 114

Golden State Warriors 110

More about the Raptors:

  • Toronto is the only NBA team currently based outside of the US.
  • This is the first NBA title in team franchise history (1995-present).
  • This was the first appearance of the Raptors in the NBA Finals.
  • This is the first NBA championship won by a team based in Canada.
  • This is the first NBA title held by a team outside the United States.

More about the Warriors:

  • Golden State has appeared in 5 consecutive NBA Finals.
  • Only the Boston Celtics (1957-1966) have a longer streak.
  • Golden State has still won 3 NBA titles in the last 5 seasons.
  • The Warriors are the third NBA team to fail to “three-peat”.
  • Golden State are moving to a new home arena next season.

More about the series:

  • This was the very last NBA game to be played in Oracle Arena.
  • Toronto won the final three games played in Oakland.
  • Game 1 was the only victory by the home team (Toronto).
  • The last 5 games of the series were won by the visiting team.

Kawhi Leonard was awarded the Bill Russell NBA Finals Most Valuable Player Award for his playoff performance, in which he scored 732 postseason points, which is third behind only Michael Jordan (759 in 1992) and LeBron James (748 in 2018).

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